Every Small Business Should Have a Virtual Mailbox

Getting a virtual mailbox is easy and inexpensive

A traditional PO Box from the Post Office is a cost-effective option when you want to protect your privacy and receive mail. … An Online Postal Mailbox, also known as an online PO Box or Virtual Post Mailbox, comes with all the features you get with a traditional post office box and more.
With a virtual mailbox, your mail is scanned and put online for you to view directly inside your favorite web browser or free app. This is extremely useful for those who travel frequently, live or work overseas, or need an US address either for personal or business use.
Unlike a post office box, you can access your mail online from anywhere, at anytime, without having to physically drive to the post office. Once you see your mail, you decide what you want to do with it.
A professional street address creates a professional image for your business. A business address is beneficial for startups, home, or small businesses because it builds trust and confidence with your customers plus other business advantages. And it looks great on business cards too!
Benefits of a virtual mail box:
  • Virtual mailboxes are cheaper and more convenient that traditional mailboxes
  • Your virtual mail box is digital mailbox service that you access via any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Your virtual mailbox is a real U.S. street address with your own personal box number
  • Manage your mail with our smartphone app or online anytime, from anywhere – a complete digital mailbox solution