How To Get Help Starting A Small Business In Houston Texas

If you are planning on starting a small business in Houston, Texas here are 3 things that you MUST do.

If you’ve decided to start your own business for any reason you probably want to make sure that you don’t waste time or money. We work with startups every day and these are the 3 things that we tell them.

Make a business plan

Having a business plan is the very, very first step. If you don’t write down what you plan to do and how you plan to do it you will probably fail no matter how talented or smart you are.

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123 not 213

Many small business owners do the right things but in the wrong order. If you take the right actions but in the wrong order sometimes it is worse than doing the wrong thing. Once you have a business plan you should do the following things in this exact order.
  • Get a website with a domain based email address –
  • Get a business address
  • Get a business phone number
It is vital that you do these three things in this order. This will ensure that when you start trading your EIN business credit structure is sound. It will also make sure that the world knows that you are open for business.
If you need help with any of these steps visit for a step-by-step guide

Network and market

Having a good product or service is not enough. You have to get your name out there. Attend as many networking events as possible. Be sure to have some marketing materials such as business cards and flyers with your website address on them.
You should have a very specific marketing strategy that goes beyond FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. If you are relying on FB and INSTA to attract all of your customers you are going to be very disappointed.





If you are starting or running a small business in Houston, Texas, Astor Business Centers can help. We do a range of business support services including: training, startup business loans, web design, printing and marketing. We have monthly business mastery classes that will give you access to other business owners. For more information visit or call the office on (281) 826-9557