For anyone planning to engage in any type of business, one of the major factors to consider is the availability of a working office or space. While it is true that technology has revolutionized people’s perception of the type of office to consider, it is important to understand that the type of enterprise you are undertaking will highly dictate the type of office you should have.

Nowadays, Private and Virtual offices are available for any business in Katy, TX. To have a better idea about which type of office would suit your business needs, we have outlined the difference between private and virtual offices.

Private Office

A Private office, also known as a “Serviced Office”, is a type of place where you can have a physical address to operate your business. Given this, you have the liberty to use all the facilities provided by the office rental company to fully function as a business. Astor Business Centers has new serviced offices available for rent.

Here are some of the benefits of a rented private office:

  • Centralized Operation Area – You and your team can operate on a single premise. This makes overseeing and managing operations easier. This will also mean that your employees will have a private area where all of them can concentrate on their tasks at hand.
  • Clearer Hours of Operation – Since you can physically lock up by the end of each day, you can establish clear business hours, not only for your employees but for your customers as well. Astor Business Centers serviced offices give you 24/7 access and plenty of parking spaces.
  • Facility Utilization – Once you rent a space for you to operate in, you can utilize any equipment and facility that the provider will include in the package of your choice. This commonly includes furniture, internet, water, tables, office chairs, trash bins, and more.
  • Controlled Data – If your company is operating on sensitive information related to your business, it’ll be easier for you to control which data is allowed to leave the office. You can also instill a policy that will restrict employees from taking any business-sensitive documents out of the premises to avoid data breaches.

We at Astor Business Centers offer a private office rental in Katy, TX. So, if you ever need a place to operate your business, you know who to approach. Our offices are affordably priced, starting at just $375 per month

Virtual Office

As the name implies, you don’t have to rent a physical office to function as a whole business. Remotely, your team can have access to virtual facilities such as meeting rooms, phones, and video conferences.

However, some virtual office rentals allow you to secure claims of a specific address and be able to physically use its facilities when needed. Astor Business Centers virtual offices start at just $99 per month. Here are a few benefits of this type of office setup:

  • Economical – Since you are not renting a physical office, the costs for renting a specific area to operate are diminished drastically. We have virtual offices starting at just $99 per month including a live answering service.
  • Flexibility in Operations – This aspect not only means a more flexible working schedule for your staff. Your staff can also work anywhere comfortably while making sure to finish the task at hand on time.
  • Staff Accommodation – Since you and your team are having meetings virtually, finding an area big enough to accommodate everyone has become easier and more convenient. This also applies if there’s an additional staff member in your growing team. The problem of allocating a physical space where new employees can set up an office is greatly reduced.
  • Great Productivity Results – Since employees are expected to have set up their workspace remotely, it entails better productivity since they are no longer susceptible to additional stress brought about by daily preparation and commute.

All in all, both private and virtual offices have their own advantage. It just boils down to your business need whether you want a physical or virtual office. If you need secure virtual offices or office rental in Katy, TX, reach out to us at Astor Business Centers by calling (832) 617-7959.