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Virtual Mailboxes
STARTING AT $9.99 per month (plus 1-time $25 set-up fee)


We make managing your postal mail as easy and convenient as email. Your virtual mailbox looks just like an email inbox, and your mail is sorted with the most recent letter at the top just like email conversations. You can select one or multiple items to take action on them, like scanning the contents, forwarding, shredding and more.

Securing your virtual mailbox only takes about 10-minutes. At the end of the process you will have your new address and be ready to receive mail!

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Benefits of a virtual mail box:

  • Virtual mailboxes are cheaper and more convenient that traditional mailboxes
  • Your virtual mail box is digital mailbox service that you access via any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Your virtual mailbox is a real U.S. street address with your own personal box number
  • Manage your mail with our smartphone app or online anytime, from anywhere – a complete digital mailbox solution

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